A New Threat is the eighth checkpoint featured in Chapter Three of Heavenly Sword.

A New Threat
A New Threat
Nariko fighting Roach's pet, an Oranguman.


Heavenly Sword





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Riding High


After defeating her kinsmen in combat, Nariko demands that Bohan let her go. Bohan responds by continuing the game and tells Roach to release his 'pets.' Nariko laments the loss of the Heavenly Sword, claiming she never thought she'd ever miss it.


This is the first appearance of Orangumen in the game, although in this instance there is only one. Nariko, still armed with the Longsword, must defeat the lone Oranguman in combat. Its attacks are quite strong and can quickly deplete Nariko's health; however, the Oranguman frequently attacks too aggressively, allowing her opportunities to strike at its back. Do this until it lies dead and the checkpoint will be complete. There is only one Heavenly Pot available.


Previous Checkpoint: Fireworks!

Next Checkpoint: Riding High

Video WalkthroughEdit

Heavenly Sword - A New Threat-001:30

Heavenly Sword - A New Threat-0

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