Bait and Trap is the eighth checkpoint featured in Chapter Two of Heavenly Sword.

Bait and Trap
Bait and Trap
Whiptail's sanctuary.


Heavenly Sword





Previous Checkpoint

The Main Gate

Next Checkpoint

Whiptail (Checkpoint)


Nariko makes her way to Whiptail's lair only to find the serpentine general has set a trap for her in an effort to kill her and retrieve the Heavenly Sword.


The checkpoint consists of one large wave of enemies surrounding Nariko in an attempt to overwhelm her; in spite of this they are relatively easy to defeat. Utilizing Superstyles is highly reccomended during this checkpoint, as the enemies will stay encircled around Nariko during this period. Should they be needed, two Heavenly Pots are available for Nariko. Kill Whiptail's guard and proceed to watch the cutscene in which Nariko uses her life force to bring Shen back from the dead and the checkpoint will be complete.


Previous Checkpoint: The Main Gate

Next Checkpoint: Whiptail

Video WalkthroughEdit

Heavenly Sword - Bait and Trap-005:15

Heavenly Sword - Bait and Trap-0

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