Beasts of the Land is the fourth checkpoint featured in Chapter Four of Heavenly Sword.

Beasts of the Land
Heavenly Sword Beasts of the Land
Nariko preparing to attack Orangumen with the Cannon.


Heavenly Sword





Previous Checkpoint

Hunting Party

Next Checkpoint

The Wrong Place


Nariko must make her way through a temple of Orangumen in an effort to get to Kai and Flying Fox.


This checkpoint features two waves of Orangumen for Nariko to defeat. A Cannon is available next to a set of barrels on the path to the temple; however, it has a low ammo count, so it serves as nothing more than a way to surprise the Orangumen. Once exhausted of ammunition, use the Heavenly Sword to finish off the Orangumen. Doing so and exiting through the temple will complete the checkpoint.


Previous Checkpoint: Hunting Party

Next Checkpoint: The Wrong Place

Video WalkthroughEdit

Heavenly Sword - Beasts of the Land02:51

Heavenly Sword - Beasts of the Land

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