Brother Against Brother is the sixth checkpoint featured in Chapter Three of Heavenly Sword.

Brother Against Brother
Brother Against Brother
Nariko fighting her clan.


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Kai advances into the arena, where she sees Nariko and her fellow clansmen down on the ground floor, known as the pit, with Bohan, Roach and the soldiers all watching. Bohan announces that to celebrate the capture of the Sword, Nariko and her fellow clansmen will fight each other to the death, with only one person being allowed to leave. This effectively pits the clan against one another.


Players now assume control of Nariko once again. Since Bohan has captured the Heavenly Sword Nariko must once again use the Longsword favored by her clan to fight her clansmen. Players have the choice of either outright killing the clansmen or simply paralyzing them by pressing PSB-C.png.png once they get close enough; the decision is left to the player. Once all 15 clan members have been incapacitated the checkpoint will be complete.


  • Players can choose to kill some clansmen and paralyze others; it does not matter how many of each.


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Heavenly Sword - Brother against Brother

Heavenly Sword - Brother against Brother