Cat and Mouse is the first checkpoint featured in Chapter Four of Heavenly Sword.

Cat and Mouse
Cat and Mouse
Nariko advancing up the bridge.


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Rolling Thunder

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On Silent Wings


After yet another argument between her and the Sword, this time over her leaving Kai, Nariko is taken back to this checkpoint. She is featured chasing after Kai, who is running for her life from Flying Fox. If she is to save her, Nariko must reach Flying Fox before it is too late.


This checkpoint introduces Nariko to the heavily armored guards featured in Chapter Three, as well as a completely new type of enemy. This one swoops in via makeshift hang gliders before utilizing extremely quick Speed attacks. Despite this, they are extremely weak and can be disposed of easily. The armor-clad warriors use both Power and Unblockable attacks, but their slow attacks can be used to Nariko's advantage. Defeat the four waves of enemies and advance up the bridge through the gates and the checkpoint will be complete. There are two Heavenly Pots available in the checkpoint.


Previous Checkpoint: Rolling Thunder

Next Checkpoint: On Silent Wings

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Heavenly Sword - Cat and Mouse

Heavenly Sword - Cat and Mouse