Dawn Siege is the third checkpoint featured in Chapter One of Heavenly Sword.

Dawn Siege
Dawn Siege
Nariko defending the Snowy Fortress.


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Victorious, Nariko and Kai return to the fortress to rest until the following morning. Once again a cutscene will play, with Nariko as the narrator. This time, Nariko will tell of how she has a recurring nightmare of her father standing over her with the Sword in an attempt to end her life. A similar event seems to be happening in the cutscene, as Shen is approaching Nariko with Sword in hand. However, this is due to the fact that Shen has entrusted Nariko with the its protection, though it does not stop Shen from startling Nariko out of her sleep and prompting Kai to prepare her crossbow. The cutscene ends, and players take over as Nariko crouched on the ground the following morning. Nariko scales the battlements once more and meets with her father and Kai. There, Shen informs Nariko that Bohan's Catapults are approaching in the distance, and that he and the clan need time to escape the onslaught. Nariko is to man the fortress' Mortar and attempt to slow down the horde while Shen and the clan escape to the west. Should Bohan send a reinforcement of Catapults, Nariko is to head east, in the direction opposite of the clan, so as to prevent the Sword's capture. Kai protests and wants to stay, but Nariko convinces her to follow Shen and the rest of the clan.


Players now have to destroy the three advancing Catapults and are given a timer as an incentive to do so. The weak points on each Catapult are highlighted by three giant orange shields; hit three on a Catapult and a fourth will reveal itself in the center. Hit the fourth and the Catapult will be destroyed. After destorying the Catapults, players now must kill 700 of Bohan's soldiers before the timer runs out. This is accomplished relatively easily; large swathes will cross directly in front of the fortress soon after the destruction of the Catapults, and Nariko will be able to rack up the kill count rather easily. Once the necessary amount of kills have been allotted, the checkpoint will be complete. In the following cutscene, Nariko will spot Catapults and make her escape to the east as the fort is destroyed.


  • Dawn Siege is one of the few checkpoints in Heavenly Sword to not contain any Heavenly Pots. This is due to the fact that Nariko cannot be harmed while operating the Mortar, thus having no need for them.


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Heavenly Sword - Dawn Siege

Heavenly Sword - Dawn Siege