Duck and Cover is the fourth checkpoint featured in Chapter Three of Heavenly Sword.

Duck and Cover
Duck and Cover
Kai shooting at the balcony.


Heavenly Sword





Previous Checkpoint

Shooting Fish

Next Checkpoint

Twing Twang!


Kai continues to make her way through Bohan's defenses in order to get to Nariko.


This is the first checkpoint in the Chapter featuring Archers, enemies armed with crossbows. In order to avoid their arrows, Kai must take cover behind nearby wooden crates and engage in a firefight with them. The archers are set up on a balcony with crates of explosives; using Aftertouch to guide Kai's arrows through torches and hitting the explosives will cause them to explode. Killing all the archers and advancing up a nearby ladder will complete the checkpoint. There are three Heavenly Pots available.


Previous Checkpoint: Shooting Fish

Next Checkpoint: Twing Twang!

Video WalkthroughEdit

Heavenly Sword - Duck and Cover03:49

Heavenly Sword - Duck and Cover

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