Eye of the Storm is the final checkpoint featured in Chapter Two of Heavenly Sword.

Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm
Nariko battling Whiptail


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Nariko must defeat Whiptail in battle in an effort to protect the Heavenly Sword from Bohan's grasp.


Eye of the Storm is an extension of the battle from Whiptail, only Whiptail has less health but is much tougher. The Jet Stream attacks by Whiptail are now much faster and the Wave attacks have grown as well. The Quick Time Events also have a smaller margin of error than they did in Whiptail; nevertheless, a skilled player should find this checkpoint only moderately difficult at best. Should they be needed three Heavenly Pots are available. Defeat Whiptail and a cutscene will play. Nariko, slowly slipping in and out of consciousness, watches as Bohan calmly soothes Whiptail, who has been impaled with the Sword, before snapping her neck and killing her to retrieve it. With that, Nariko falls unconscious to Bohan's laughter, ending Chapter Two.


Previous Checkpoint: Shen's Escape

Next Checkpoint: Kai's Mission

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Heavenly Sword - Eye of the Storm

Heavenly Sword - Eye of the Storm