Fearless is the first checkpoint of Chapter Two featured in Heavenly Sword.

Nariko preparing to brave the gap.


Heavenly Sword





Previous Checkpoints

The Heavenly Sword

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No Turning Back


Nariko wakes up after her descent into the abyss to find Kai near her, who has nursed her back to health. After regaining her composure, Kai informs Nariko that Shen and the other clansmen have been imprisoned by Bohan and must be rescued. Nariko orders Kai to stay back while she heads on to rescue her father.


This checkpoint is divided into two parts. In the first, Nariko must guide herself across a giant rope connecting a plateau to the cliffside. Press the buttons and use the analog stick when prompted, otherwise Nariko will meet an untimely fate. In the second section, Nariko must deal with enemies on the plateau. This should prove rather easy with the numerous Combos offered by the Heavenly Sword, as well as being able to knock enemies off the plateau to their deaths. Defeating them all will complete the checkpoint.


  • Fearless is one of the few checkpoints in Heavenly Sword where there are no Heavenly Pots available, along with Dawn Siege.


Previous Checkpoint: The Heavenly Sword

Next Checkpoint: No Turning Back

Video WalkthroughEdit

Heavenly Sword - Fearless04:09

Heavenly Sword - Fearless

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