Fire Fight is the third checkpoint featured in Chapter Two of Heavenly Sword.

Fire Fight
Nariko crossing the bridge in the midst of arrows.


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No Turning Back

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Beware the Fox


After defeating yet another contingent of Bohan's soldiers, Nariko continues her quest to find her father.


The most prominent feature of this checkpoint is the bridge Nariko has to cross. The enemies consist of four waves of Archers, who make their first appearance in this checkpoint. The Archers will consistently fire a volley of arrows at Nariko; using the Heavenly Sword's Range Stance when they do will deflect the arrows and thus protect Nariko. Once engaged in close combat the Archers are rather weak and can be quickly defeated. After clearing the bridge, climb a nearby ladder and, using Aftertouch, throw and guide a shield to a statue of a soldier holding a shield himself across a clearing. Hitting the shield will cause the thrown shield to ricochet across the clearing and hit a gong, opening a door to a courtyard. Enter the courtyard and the checkpoint will be complete. One Heavenly Pot is available at the base of the ladder if needed.


Previous Checkpoint: No Turning Back

Next Checkpoint: Beware the Fox

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Heavenly Sword Fire Fight

Heavenly Sword Fire Fight