Fireworks! is the seventh checkpoint featured in Chapter Three of Heavenly Sword.

Kai watching the fight.


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Brother Against Brother

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A New Threat


Kai must retrieve the Heavenly Sword for Nariko in order for Nariko to be able to survive Bohan's arena.


Players regain control of Kai once again, who must gain access to the armory to get the Sword. Proceed to a door with microphone next to it; after some speaking, Kai will be denied access and guards will spawn. These guards are the same as the armor-clad guards featured in Kai's Mission, meaning they can only be killed with headshots from the Crossbow. Using the beams located over the arena to cross to different sides will enable Kai to keep a safe enough distance from them. After killing the guards, Kai must now head through a door leading to a walkway. At its end is a room containing explosives and fireworks. Use Aftertouch to guide an arrow through a torch back in the arena into the room to blow it up. Receive the password from the commander and return to the microphone. The checkpoint will then be complete. Should they be needed, two Heavenly Pots are available for Kai's use.


  • The password to the armory is "Monkey-Peaches."


Previous Checkpoint: Brother Against Brother

Next Checkpoint: A New Threat

Video Walkthrough

Heavenly Sword - Fireworks!

Heavenly Sword - Fireworks!