Flying Fox
Flying Fox
Title: General
Status: Deceased
Killed by: Kai
Gender: Male
Weapon of choice: Swords
First appearance: Beware the Fox
Last appearance: To Kill a Fox
Game voice: Steven Berkoff
Film voice: Barry Dennen

Flying Fox is a major character and antagonist in Heavenly Sword.


Flying Fox is a high-ranking member in King Bohan's army, signifying a prolonged relationship between the two. This is evident in Nariko's first battle with him, in which he sends multiple waves of soldiers to handle the heroine, to no avail. It is later revealed that it was Flying Fox who murdered Kai's mother, as well as possibly her entire clan, prior to the events of Heavenly Sword. This is shown by Kai's reaction of horror upon seeing Flying Fox after retrieving the Heavenly Sword for Nariko.


Flying Fox is shown to have a chilling, almost psychopathic disregard for life. On multiple occasions througout the game, he is shown to have performed a heinous act of violence towards an innocent person: once in a flashback by Kai when he killed her mother, and another when he attempts to hang Kai during his and Nariko's second boss battle. Flying Fox appears to wield two identical curved swords, which appear to be the same as the ones on his back. He used said swords in multiple attacks, including to fly into the air in the first boss battle. He also possesses the ability to produce doppelgangers of himself, evident in the second boss battle. His motto is "Style!", proclaiming that Nariko does not have of enough it after their first encounter and promising to fight her again when she does.


After escaping Nariko in the first battle between the two, Flying Fox runs into the heroine again, this time in his home, a large birdcage at the end of a long road in the mountains. As Nariko nears the cage, Fox proceeds to loop a noose around Kai's neck and hang her, much to Nariko's horror. Nariko flies into a rage, beating Flying Fox back in three different intervals of fighting. It is after the third period that Kai awakens, having been knocked unconscious by the hanging. She proceeds to raise her crossbow, at which point the player has a limited amount of time to shoot Flying Fox. If the shot is successful, an arrow will pierce Fox's skull. As he falls to his death, his final words are, "Style. That had style..."



  • In real life, the Flying Fox is a type of bat, and is the largest bat in the world.

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