Forest Ambush is the fifth checkpoint featured in Chapter One of Heavenly Sword.

Forest Ambush
Forest Ambush
Nariko preparing to enter the clearing.


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Nariko continues to make her way through the countryside in an effort to escape Bohan and his soldiers.


Forest Ambush is a rather simple checkpoint, similar to The Escape. There are two congregations of enemies: one in a clearing with a gate, and another on a bridge with a gate. The stronger ones carry shields, and can only be harmed using the Longsword's Ten Footed Kick. In order to open the first gate, tap the X button repeatedly in order to turn the wheel for the doors to open. Enter a clearing containing two Heavenly Pots and defeat the wave of enemies that spawn there. One of Bohan's soldiers will see Nariko approaching and flee through a nearby gate, shutting it in the process. For the gate, use a sword found in a crate on a bridge across from it and throw the sword at the gong across the pit (Aftertouch can help in this instance). Proceed through the gate and make note of the rather ominous raven roosting nearby.


Previous Checkpoint: The Escape

Next Checkpoint: The Heavenly Sword

Video Walkthrough

Heavenly Sword - Forest Ambush

Heavenly Sword - Forest Ambush