Heavenly sword render 02
The Heavenly Sword is the primary weapon featured in the game of the same name

Fighting StancesEdit

When in possession of the Heavenly Sword, Nariko can fight in three stances.

Heavenly Speed StanceEdit

Main article: Speed Stance

This is Nariko's default stance while holding the Heavenly Sword. It allows her to unleash lightning-fast assaults using a double-bladed sword of moderate strength.

Heavenly Range StanceEdit

Main article: Range Stance

Pressing and holding the L1.png.png button, then pressing the PSB-S.png.png or the PSB-T.png.png button will unleash wide-ranging twin chain attacks which disperse weak enemies but inflict minimal damage.

Heavenly Power StanceEdit

Main article: Power Stance

Pressing and holding the R1.png.png button, then pressing the PSB-S.png.png or the PSB-T.png.png button will unleash slow, but devastatingly powerful single-bladed attacks.


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