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The Heavenly Sword is the primary weapon featured in the game of the same name


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The story of the Heavenly Sword begins with the Heavenly Warrior, the original wielder of the weapon. Centuries prior to the events of the game, the Raven King led a massive army in an effort to conquer all of the known world, leaving only death and destruction in his wake. Seeking salvation, many people prayed to the heavens in an effort to stop the Raven King in his path. The result was the Heavenly Warrior, who wielded the Heavenly Sword against the Raven King in combat, leading to the King's defeat and the saving of the known world.

Influence on Mankind

However, while the Heavenly Warrior vanished following his vanquishing of the evil Raven King, his Sword remained. Despite the world now experiencing an unprecendented period of peace and prosperity due to this salvation, it simply wasn't enough for many, as men would end up murdering each other in droves in attempts to gain the Sword's power for itself. Eventually the Sword came to feed on the blood of its victims; when the bloodlust of the weapon grew too strong, it would then consume the life force of the wielder itself, before being found by yet another warrior thirsting for power and repeating this cycle. Many died in the quest for the Sword, and at one point things seemed not much different from the time when the Raven King was ravaging the known world.

Protectors of the Sword

Just when it seemed the Sword had all of man in its grip, a transitory clan of warriors, led by the ancestor of one of the most prominent leaders of its history, found the latest wielder in the wilderness and convinced him to part ways with the weapon. According to a prophecy foretold for the distant future, the Heavenly Warrior was meant to re-born in the Year of the Fire-Horse, in the body of a mortal man. When this occurred, he would reclaim his Sword and put an end to a great evil while also mastering the Sword and its bloodlust once and for all. Until then, this clan would serve as guardians of the Heavenly Sword, so that no mortal man may ever wield the weapon in combat ever again.

Fighting Stances

When in possession of the Heavenly Sword, Nariko can fight in three stances.

Heavenly Speed Stance

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This is Nariko's default stance while holding the Heavenly Sword. It allows her to unleash lightning-fast assaults using a double-bladed sword of moderate strength.

Heavenly Range Stance

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Pressing and holding the L1.png.png button, then pressing the PSB-S.png.png or the PSB-T.png.png button will unleash wide-ranging twin chain attacks which disperse weak enemies but inflict minimal damage.

Heavenly Power Stance

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Pressing and holding the R1.png.png button, then pressing the PSB-S.png.png or the PSB-T.png.png button will unleash slow, but devastatingly powerful single-bladed attacks.