Heavenly Warrior
Status: Unknown
Gender: Male
First appearance: The Legend of the Sword
Last appearance: The Divine Birth

The Heavenly Warrior is a character featured in The Animation Series, and is central to the primary conflict of Heavenly Sword.

The Animation Series

The Legend of the Sword

The world was in turmoil. The Raven King was ravaging the land and sought to conquer the world. One day, however, a Heavenly Warrior descended from the heavens wielding a magnificent sword. He defeated The Raven King singlehandedly, and vanished soon after. The only thing he left behind was the sword.

The Divine Birth

Years later, a prophecy is whispered which promises the return of the Heavenly Warrior as the heir of the clan guarding his Heavenly Sword.

The Day of the Warrior

The prophecy is unfulfilled, as the wife of the clan's leader bears him a daughter instead. The clan leader decides to spare the girl's life. 23 years later, two men of destiny meet once again, this time in a battle that will decide the fate of the world.