Kai's Mission is the first checkpoint featured in Chapter Three of Heavenly Sword.

Kai's Mission
Kai's Mission
Kai shooting a guard.


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Following a cutscene in Purgatory in which she pleads for the Sword to not abandon her, Nariko regains her consciousness in one of Bohan's cells, where she has been joined by Bohan himself and Roach, his illegitimate and morbidly obese son. After a failed sexual advance by the monarch followed by Nariko promising to kill them both, Bohan informs her that the Sword is in his possession, unknowingly giving her opportunity to reclaim it in the process. Roach then escorts Nariko to Bohan's arena, which he dubs the 'pit.' The cutscene then switches to Kai, who is making her way to where Nariko is captured in an attempt to save her.


Players now assume control of Kai, who is prominently featured in Chapter Three, with Nariko not being controlled again until the checkpoint Brother Against Brother. In this checkpoint Kai must cross a bridge laden with Bohan's men; should one of them venture too close, Kai can stun them by quickly jumping over their heads, allowing her time to gain enough distance to shoot them. Be sure to use the crates on the bridge for cover during this checkpoint as well. Once all the regular soldiers are dead, shoot the explosives to the door leading to room in order to open it; this will only work if players guide arrows through torches in the room with the explosives. After going through the door, a large, armor-clad warrior wielding an axe will appear out of a warehouse nearby; his armor makes him completely invulnerable to arrow shots save for his head, the only open portion. Killing him and advancing into a warehouse close by will complete the checkpoint. There are two Heavenly Pots available for Kai to use.


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Heavenly Sword - Kai's Mission

Heavenly Sword - Kai's Mission