Kai's Mother
Kai's mother
Status: Deceased
Killed by: Flying Fox
Gender: Female
First appearance: Riding High
Last appearance: Riding High
No one can get you. My darling Kai, be my strong, brave daughter. I won’t be long, I promise.

– Kai's Mother

Kai's Mother is a minor character featured in Heavenly Sword.


Events of Heavenly Sword

Not much is known of Kai's mother, other than what is depicted in Kai's flashback. In Riding High, Kai has a flashback of her mother telling her to stay hidden behind a rock and that she would return to her later. Later in that same flashback, Kai sees her mother's head and thinks she has returned, only to discover to her horror that she was murdered by Flying Fox. It is assumed that this is the moment when Kai's psyche broke, and she developed her childlike demeanor depicted in Heavenly Sword.

The Film

In the 2014 film adaptation of Heavenly Sword, it is revealed that Shen had an affair with Kai's Mother not long after Nariko's Mother had died giving birth to Nariko. According to Kai, she "sang to her" and she was "strong and funny." While Kai's Mother would raise Kai on her own, from time to time Shen would appear with gifts of gold "to help," as Kai describes it. As in the video game, it is revealed that Kai's Mother was murdered by Flying Fox when he appeared with soldiers in her clan's village. 


Kai's Mother makes her only appearance in Kai's flashback during the checkpoint Riding High of the Heavenly Sword video game, and is briefly referenced by Kai during the Heavenly Sword film.