Maulmen are a type of enemy encountered in Heavenly Sword.


Maulmen make their first in-game appearance in Chapter Three in the checkpoint Kai's Mission, when a lone Maulman walks out of a warehouse wielding their trademark hammer. They appear in greater numbers throughout the chapter and make their final in-game appearance in the Chapter Four checkpoint Cat and Mouse, when Nariko must fight them for the first and only time. 


The most heavily-armored of Bohan's soldiers, Maulmen appear to have the sole purpose of crushing anything that gets in their path. Only seen deeper within Bohan's home territories (as opposed to the rank-and-file Swordsmen and Axemen that appear further on the frontier), it also seems that Maulmen are in shorter supply, due to the fact there are not that many of them fought in the game. Nevertheless, what they lack in numbers they make up for in sheer strength and size; it can be said that Maulmen are the strongest enemies in the game outside the Bosses themselves. In addition to this physical ability is the fact that they are armored from head to toe, making the defeat of them quite difficult; indeed, Kai can only kill one with a headshot, while Nariko must utilize Power attacks with the Heavenly Sword, as they are immune to everything else.


The strength of Maulmen is nearly unmatched in battle, with little to no conventional attacks affecting. This can also be attributed to the heavy plate armor adorning their bodies, making them immune to Heavenly Speed attacks and body shots with the Crossbow. Carrying either large hammers or axes, Maulmen can also use Unblockable attacks in addition to Power ones, making them difficult to defeat in battle. However, despite this, one can use this to Nariko's advantage, as their large size and plate armor makes them particularly slow-moving, meaning the proper utilization of both Nariko and Kai's agility can be potentially life-saving in combat.



Maulmen concept art.