Not to be confused with Rocket Launcher.

The Mortar is a weapon featured in Heavenly Sword.


The Mortar is one of the weapons utilized by Nariko's clan during the events of Heavenly Sword. Consisting of a short, thick-barreled weapon mounted on a small platform with wheels so as to make it mobile, the Mortar is capable of firing cannonballs at enemy targets from a considerable distance, making it an effective weapon against numerically superior forces. The weapon itself is also quite deadly, capable of completely decimating technologically inferior foes; this is especially shown in the destruction of Bohan's Catapults.


The Mortar makes its first appearance in the game during the Chapter One checkpoint Dawn Siege, when Shen informs Nariko that the clan must attempt to escape the arrival of Bohan's forces; the ensuing task requires her to fend off the attack by destroying three of Bohan's Catapults followed by the killing of 700 of his soldiers. With the destruction of the fortress at the end of the checkpoint, it can be assumed that this mortar was destroyed. However, another makes an appearance in Chapter Five during the checkpoint Bohan's Army, when Nariko once again destroy Catapults in a manner reminiscent of the previous checkpoint. This marks the final appearance of the Mortar in-game.