Night Attack is the second checkpoint featured in Chapter One of Heavenly Sword.

Night Attack
Night Attack
Kai sniping soldiers at night.


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After successfully repelling the daytime assault by Bohan's army, Nariko and her clan are keeping watch for attackers at night. During the cutscene detailing this, a brief argument will ensue between a superstitious clansmen and Nariko over the cause of Bohan's relentless pushing for the Sword. Shen will attempt to break it up, aided in part by the discovery that Bohan's men are trying to infiltrate the fortress. Shen then instructs Kai to defend the fortress from the invaders via sniping them before they can enter, to which Kai eagerly agrees. Nariko follows, not wanting to leave Kai alone.


Players now gain control of Kai and her crossbow. There are a total of 25 enemies who will attempt to gain access to the fortress; allowing too many free passage will result in the failure of this scene. Guide arrows to enemies using Aftertouch (press and hold the Square button) or simply aim and fire. Should Kai manage to down enough enemies to pass but not all, players will then control Nariko, who will finish off the rest of Bohan's soldiers. There is one Heavenly Pot for Nariko and two for Kai to use, should their health deplete. After completion of the scene, a cutscene will ensue, depicting Nariko and Kai embracing and Nariko instructing Bohan to properly bury his fallen soldiers.


  • Players do not need to allow Nariko to finish off Bohan's men; should Kai manage to kill all 25 soldiers, the aforementioned cutscene will still play.


It is very, very difficult to obtain three Glyphs unless Kai scores them all, or at least more than 2 and a half. To get three glyphs, do not miss, and take advantage of the two Glyph Pots to boost your points at opportune times (i.e. before taking shots where there is a high probability of missing).


The 25 soldiers attack in distinct waves. The first two comprise 10 enemies.

  • The first wave (comprising three enemies) run in from the centre of the scene, following a path.
  • The second wave (comprising seven enemies) run in from the left of the scene.

You should probably shoot the glyph pot in the tree-house after finishing off the last of these, because the next waves dodge a lot more. The remaining 15 enemies run in from the extreme right of the scene, and also down the middle. They do not appear to spawn in waves, however.


Previous Checkpoint: The Art of Battle

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Heavenly Sword - Night Attack

Heavenly Sword - Night Attack