No Turning Back is the second checkpoint featured in Chapter Two of Heavenly Sword.

No Turning Back
No Turning Back
Nariko preparing to destroy the plateau.


Heavenly Sword





Previous Checkpoint


Next Checkpoint

Fire Fight


Having eliminated all the enemies on the plateau, Nariko destroys the plateau and ends up landing in a relaxation area of sorts filled with Bohan's men. 


Nariko must first cut the rope on the plateau to initiate this checkpoint. The plateau will begin falling towards the relaxation area, press the buttons when prompted in order for a safe landing. Once successfully grounded, Nariko must defeat two waves of enemies in the relaxation area. After this is completed, head to a gong to the right of the gate at the end of a corridor and walk through, finishing the checkpoint. If needed, three Heavenly Pots are located in the relaxation area for the Glyph Meter and Health.


Previous Checkpoint: Fearless

Next Checkpoint: Fire Fight

Video WalkthroughEdit

Heavenly Sword - No Turning Back-004:02

Heavenly Sword - No Turning Back-0

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