Orangumen, or Clawmen, are a type of enemy encountered in Heavenly Sword.


Orangumen first appear in the checkpoint A New Threat, when Nariko has to slay a lone Oranguman with the Longsword. They subsequently appear in every checkpoint until Temple Wilds, when they make their last in-game appearance. They also appear in 2014 film adaptation of Heavenly Sword, as they can be seen pushing Bohan's Catapults at the behest of his commanders.


Collectively known as Roach's Pets, Orangumen appear to be a grotesque cross between orangutan and human (hence the name) with extremely long and sharp claws. They have armor plating on their arms, legs and shoulders and run similar to orangutans or other primates found in the wild. Finally, they appear to be covered in black fur with the exception of their faces, which are hairless and are human in resemblance.


Orangumen are one of only a handful of in-game enemies that are able to alternate between Speed and Power attacks. They also utilize Unblockable attacks, which Nariko must avoid by rolling. They appear to be able to either use their claws or their bodies in combat, curling into balls and rolling at Nariko in an attempt to inflict damage. They also seem to attack in groups; four or five will begin to encircle Nariko in effort to use their superior numbers to their advantage.