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Power Stance is one of the three available stances for the Heavenly Sword in Heavenly Sword.


The Heavenly Sword's Power Stance is the most powerful stance available for the Heavenly Sword in the game. It is used by simultaneously holding the R1.png.png button while using either PSB-T.png.png or PSB-S.png.png to attack. It is comprised of single-bladed, two-handed attacks. It allows Nariko to inflict slow but devastatingly powerful attacks upon her enemies. Power Stance attacks are automatic Block Breakers, meaning they can break through a shielded enemy, and in some instances are the only attack that will inflict damage upon an enemy. Power Stance will only block Power attacks by enemies when Nariko is in the Stance itself; the attacks themselves are indicated by the attacking enemy being swathed in an orange aura.