Prison Approach is the fifth checkpoint featured in Chapter Two of Heavenly Sword.

Prison Approach
Prison Approach
Nariko headed for the Prison after her fight with Flying Fox.


Heavenly Sword





Previous Checkpoint

Beware the Fox

Next Checkpoint

The Prison


Nariko continues her quest to find her father after battling with Flying Fox.


This checkpoint is mainly comprised of a path laden with Bohan's soldiers. The soldiers will throw things at Nariko while she climbs up a hill on the path, including barrells and the corpses of her clansmen. Once she climbs the hill, Nariko must now defeat one wave of enemies before continuing. After doing so, there are two gates, which are activated by using the turnstiles next to them. Cross the bridge and ascend the corresponding stairs to the Prison and the checkpoint will be complete.


Previous Checkpoint: Beware the Fox

Next Checkpoint: The Prison

Video WalkthroughEdit

Heavenly Sword - Prison Approach03:21

Heavenly Sword - Prison Approach

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