Quick Time Events are elements of gameplay featured in Heavenly Sword.


Quick Time Events are instances in which players are prompted to complete an event via pressing a button (either PSB-S.png.png, PSB-T.png.png, PSB-C.png.png, or X) or on the directional pad of the SIXAXIS controller, typically causing Nariko to perform some kind of action. On occasion, one of the buttons will flash, as if being pressed; this is indicating the player press the button repeatedly in order to achieve the desired effect. Should the player fail, there will be different results dependent upon the situation. For example, failure of a QTE in a Boss Battle will typically result in lost health and a failure to advance the fight to its next stage, while failure of a QTE in regular gameplay, such as during a checkpoint, will typically result in Nariko's death.


Quick Time Events first appear in the Chapter Two checkpoint Fearless, where Nariko is seen sprinting down a set of ropes connecting a ruined platform to the cliffside. They subsequently appear in every chapter save Five.