Riding High is the ninth checkpoint featured in Chapter Three of Heavenly Sword.

Riding High
Heavenly Sword Riding High
Kai entering the cable car.


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Kai must now ride a cable car to Bohan's armory in order to retrieve the Heavenly Sword for Nariko.


This checkpoint is one of the more simpler and straightfoward in the game. Kai begins the checkpoint in a cable car on her way to Bohan's armory. Along the way, Archers will attack Kai and the car; they appear on the bridge to the left of the car, on the wall to the right of the car and at the car drop-off as well, where the Archers are guarding the armory. About halfway along the route, the car will be destroyed and Kai will be hanging by her foot while still wielding her crossbow, but the checkpoint will still continue. Use Aftertouch to guide arrows from Kai's Crossbow to the intended targets as the car makes progress. After killing the Archers and reaching the armory, go and retrieve the Sword. Once the Sword is retrieved, a cutscene plays detailing Kai's hiding and the death of her mother at the hands of Flying Fox. As Kai screams at the recognition of her mother's desiccated corpse, Flying Fox drops from seemingly nowhere and begins attempting to kill her. A Quick Time Event ensues, in which Kai must avoid Flying Fox's blades. Successfully doing so will complete the checkpoint.


  • Each of the trophies in the armory has a description of a clan previously conquered by Bohan, along with its leader.


Previous Checkpoint: A New Threat

Next Checkpoint: Roach's Pets

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Heavenly Sword - Riding High

Heavenly Sword - Riding High