Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Weapon of choice: Blades, his body
First appearance: The Art of Battle
Last appearance: Redemption
Game voice: Richard Ridings
Film voice: Nolan North

Roach is a major character and antagonist in Heavenly Sword.


Roach is the bastard son of King Bohan, an antagonist featured throughout the game. He makes his first appearance in Heavenly Sword in the opening scene of Chapter One, where he is pulling a cart being ridden by his father. Grotesquely obese to the point where his skin has to be held together by straps, it is likely that Roach got his name from the large armor plate that adorns his back, as it resembles a roach carcass. Not much is known about Roach's early life, as the game does not specify who Roach's mother is, or how Bohan came to meet her. It is possible, however unlikely, that Whiptail is Roach's mother.


Despite receiving constant abuse from his father, Roach remains ever faithful to Bohan, following his every whim, although not always correctly. It is shown that Roach genuinely cares for his father, an emotion not returned by Bohan until the game's final scene. Roach is also depicted as being extremely sensitive; he cries after being insulted by his father for not slaying Nariko at the end of Chapter Three.
Roach 2

Roach attacking Nariko.


Roach wields two giant, curved blades that are his primary means of attack. He is only seen wielding these in Chapter Three during his boss fight. His signature attack appears to be rolling towards the character at an extreme speed, which, if not avoided, can cause extensive amounts of damage to Nariko. Roach also seems to be able to command Orangumen, the half-orangutan, half-human monstrosities that appear in subsequent levels after Roach's boss battle. King Bohan and Roach commonly refer to them as Roach's 'pets'.

Heavenly Sword

Roach, as with most of the game's major characters, makes his first appearance in Chapter One's first scene, The Art of Battle. He is shown pulling a wagon ridden by King Bohan, his father. He makes a later appearance at the beginning of Chapter Three, in the scene before Kai's Mission, where he shown behind his father, who is gloating over a captured Nariko at the time. Roach shows up once again at the end of Chapter Three, where the player finally gets to actually battle him. Finally, Roach's last appearance is at the end of Chapter Six, where he desperately pleads to a victorious Nariko to take a defeated King Bohan home, which she allows.