Rolling Thunder is the final checkpoint featured in Chapter Three of Heavenly Sword.

Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder
Roach attacking Nariko.


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Angry that Nariko has once again claimed the Heavenly Sword, Bohan tasks Roach to reclaim it and kill Nariko in the process. Nariko must now battle Roach in order to keep possession of the Sword.


This checkpoint is the first Boss Battle since Eye of the Storm and the only featured in Chapter Three. Roach, like Whiptail, has three bars of health that must each be depleted in order to defeat him. Roach's primary form of attack is his two long, curved swords he is wielding; he is able to vary between Unblockable and Power attacks, meaning some can be blocked. However, his most dangerous and effective attack is his roll; this attack, like Flying Fox's whirl, is Unblockable, meaning Nariko must roll in order to avoid. Roach frequently gets his swords stuck in the arena floor during the battle; players should use this as an opportunity to whittle away at his health. When Roach's health is low a Quick Time Event will occur; successfully completing all three will initiate a final QTE, in which Roach attempts to attack Nariko. Completing this will complete the checkpoint. In the subsequent cutscene, Bohan chastises Roach for failing, to which Roach responds by crying. Nariko takes the opportunity to give chase to Flying Fox, who has begun chasing Kai. The cutscene ends, ending Chapter Three. Should Nariko's health drop, a Heavenly Pot will be thrown from the crowd.


Previous Checkpoint: Roach's Pets

Next Checkpoint: Cat and Mouse

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Heavenly Sword - Rolling Thunder

Heavenly Sword - Rolling Thunder