Shooting Fish is the third checkpoint featured in Chapter Three of Heavenly Sword.

Shooting Fish
Shooting Fish
Kai shooting guards behind the gates.


Heavenly Sword





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Duck and Cover


Kai continues to make her way towards Nariko in an effort to rescue her and the Heavenly Sword from Bohan.


In this checkpoint the prominent feature are the four gates between Kai and the advancing guards. The guards will attempt to open the gates in an effort to reach Kai; shoot them before they can do so. Should they actually manage to open a gate, a turnstile located nearby will allow Kai to shut it. Kill all the guards and advance through the gates to complete the checkpoint. If Kai's health should fall, there is one Heavenly Pot available in the room from where the guards spawned.


  • The name of this checkpoint is most likely in reference to being able to easily shoot the guards behind gate, as it is comparable to "shooting fish in a barrel."


Previous Checkpoint: Playtime

Next Checkpoint: Duck and Cover

Video WalkthroughEdit

Heavenly Sword - Shooting Fish03:54

Heavenly Sword - Shooting Fish

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