The Art of Battle is the first checkpoint featured in Chapter One of Heavenly Sword.

The Art of Battle
The Art of Battle
Nariko smashing a Heavenly Pot.


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This is the first checkpoint featured in the game and introduces Shen, Kai, Roach, and Bohan (by name). The checkpoint also functions as a tutorial of sorts, providing background information on Nariko and her clan as well as showing how to use Combos, Counters, and Heavenly Pots.

Quick Walkthrough

  • Make your way to the rest of the clan.

  • Help defeat Bohan's soldiers.

  • Defeat all of Bohan's soldiers.

Detailed Walkthrough

After a brief cutscene detailing the clan's fleeing from Bohan's army and the clan barricading themselves within the fortress, Nariko must run across the battlements and descend onto the fortress' main level to defend it from attackers. Two Heavenly Pots are located on the ground, and should be easy to locate, should Nariko run low on Health. The checkpoint is divided into two segments, which are separated by a cutscene. The first segment introduces Heavenly Pots, the Glyph Meter, and interacting with the environment. The second segment shows how to Block and Counter enemies. Defeat all the enemies in both these cutscenes, and the checkpoint will be complete.


  • The name of this checkpoint might be a reference to the book, "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu[1], as the names are similar and both deal with combat.


Previous Checkpoint: Prologue

Next Checkpoint: Night Attack

Video Walkthrough

Heavenly Sword - The Art of Battle-0

Heavenly Sword - The Art of Battle-0