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The Heavenly Sword is the final checkpoint featured in Chapter One of Heavenly Sword.

The Heavenly Sword
The Heavenly Sword
Nariko entering the clearing.


Heavenly Sword





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Nariko escapes Bohan's soldiers only to make her way into a clearing, where she discovers Bohan has captured her father and has her completely surrounded. She has no choice but to use the Heavenly Sword.


For the first time in the game, players now have full use of the Heavenly Sword. The Sword has three Stances: Speed, which uses fast attacks and inflicts moderate damage; Power, which utilizes extremely slow attacks but does the most damage of the three stances; and Range, which disperses weak but wide-ranging attacks and is primarily used for defense. A brief cutscene will play at the beginning, detailing Shen's warnings against Nariko's using of the Sword and Bohan's demanding of it. After this, Bohan will send a total of eight waves of soldiers to kill Nariko and retrieve the Sword, each increasing in difficulty. Using Combos, Superstyles and different Stances will enable a swift and easy checkpoint for players, as defeating all the soldiers will complete it. Should it be needed, one Heavenly Pot is available for Nariko. Once she has defeated all of Bohan's men, another cutscene will play, this time with Bohan stating that he will torture Shen if Nariko does not give him the Sword. Nariko ignores the heedings and proceeds to jump off a cliff and into an abyss in a desperate attempt to keep Bohan from getting the Sword, thus ending Chapter One.


  • During the fight, Bohan exhorts his men. At one stage he says "One hundred gold pieces, a night with Nariko and a slice of Shen to the man who brings me the sword".
  • Shen makes note of him and Bohan studying together at one point, revealing a bit of history between the two leaders.


Previous Checkpoint: Forest Ambush

Next Checkpoint: Fearless

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Heavenly Sword - The Heavenly Sword

Heavenly Sword - The Heavenly Sword