The Main Gate is the seventh checkpoint featured in Chapter Two of Heavenly Sword.

The Main Gate
The Main Gate
Nariko standing in front of the gate.


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The Prison

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Bait and Trap


Nariko proceeds to make her way to Whiptail's lair in an effort to rescue her father.


As Nariko exits The Prison and makes her way up to the bridge, a Cannon will appear near her; pick it up and use it to disperse Bohan's soldiers as they head to attack Nariko. Should the Cannon's ten shots not be enough to kill off all the enemies, use the Heavenly Sword to handle the rest of them. Once this is complete, head towards the gate leading to Whiptail's lair; it will shut upon nearing too close. On each side of Nariko now are vines she can climb to reach guard posts at the top. Choosing the one on the right is recommended, as it allows the player to make the least amount of trips. Complete the associated Quick Time Event and dispose of the enemies accordingly once reaching the top and Nariko should be able to flip a lever, releasing the locks on this side of the gate. Grab a shield and throw it across to the other side, using Aftertouch to guide to the gong next to the lever over on this side. Hitting the gong will open the gate on the guard post leading to the lever on the left side. Descend to the ground and then repeat this process on the left side. Once both sides are unlocked the gate will open, and walking through it will complete the checkpoint.


Previous Checkpoint: The Prison

Next Checkpoint: Bait and Trap

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Heavenly Sword - The Main Gate

Heavenly Sword - The Main Gate