The Prison is the sixth checkpoint featured in Chapter Two of Heavenly Sword.

The Prison
The Prison
The Prison in panoramic view.


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Nariko arrives at the Prison to find her father and rescue her fellow clansmen. However, she instead discovers a trap laid for her and that her father is nowhere to be found.


The Prison is the toughest checkpoint up to this point in the game. Nariko only faces one wave of enemies during this checkpoint; however, these enemies are extremely tough and block most attacks. The Heavenly Sword's Power Stance is most effective against these defenses. Once defeated, players must now use levers to open the cells containing Nariko's clansmen, which can only be reached by throwing shields at gongs across the Prison (Aftertouch is helpful in this instance). Once freed, the clansmen will inform Nariko that Shen is in the hands of Whiptail and is better left for dead. However, Nariko ignores these heedings and heads for Whiptail's lair, ending the checkpoint.


Previous Checkpoint: Prison Approach

Next Checkpoint: The Main Gate

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Heavenly Sword - The Prison

Heavenly Sword - The Prison