This article is about the antagonist. For the checkpoint in Chapter Six, see The Raven King (Scene).
The Raven King
Bohan Raven
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
First appearance: The Legend of the Sword
Last appearance: The End

The Raven King is a character and antagonist featured in Heavenly Sword.

he seems to be a demon of some kind as shown when he turns into a wraith like figure in chapter 6. its unknown when him and bohan met. bohan sometimes strangely treats him like a pet indicating they're are friends with each other. he pecks bohans eyes out for failing to kill nariko at the end of chapter 6 after which he isn't seen again. he appears to be some kind of demon as he is able to enter bohans body and increase his strength greatly while also allowing him flight through 2 large wings. he can be seen in nearly all chapters briefly for example just before the 2nd flying fox fight.

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