This article is about the checkpoint in Chapter Six. For the antagonist of the same name, click here.

The Raven King is the second checkpoint featured in Chapter Six of Heavenly Sword.

Walkthrough Edit

This scene is one of the more difficult ones in Heavenly Sword. Deal damage to Bohan not by attacking him directly, but rather by deflecting his lightning and fire range attacks. Press Triangle just as his lightning attack hits you (not before), and use the Power Stance variant (R2 + Triangle) for the fire attacks. Whittle him down, then get close to him. A prompt to hit Circle should appear. If not, whittle him down some more.

If you deflect his attacks from a large distance, he will almost always evade it. From a closer range, he will almost always be hit. But if you get too close he will stop throwing range attacks at you, and will run toward you to attach with his swords. So practice until you can (a) deflect attacks easily; and (b) judge the right distance at which to deflect them.

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