Twing Twang! is the fifth checkpoint featured in Chapter Three of Heavenly Sword.

Twing Twang!
Twing Twang
Kai using the elevator.


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Brother Against Brother


Kai arrives in Bohan's jail and finds Nariko, much to each other's joy. Kai pleads for Nariko to return home with her but Nariko replies that she must kill Bohan and requires the Heavenly Sword to do so. Initially reluctant, Kai eventually agrees to retrieve the Sword, located in Bohan's armory, for Nariko.


Once leaving the jail, Kai must now use an elevator to ascend to a room above and continue to the armory. The elevator is operated by a turnstile similar to the ones next to the gates. Once in the room, head through the door at the other end, also opened by a turnstile, and head out onto a walkway. Once again Kai will be facing Archers, this time using wooden crates on the walkway as cover. They are posted in a tower to the left of the arena and on top of the arena as well. There are torches and explosives available as well, should the player be inclined to use them. Kill all the Archers and advance into the arena to complete the checkpoint. There are three Heavenly Pots should Kai need them.


  • The name of this checkpoint is a reference to Kai shooting her Crossbow and the sound it makes, "twing-twang."


Previous Checkpoint: Duck and Cover

Next Checkpoint: Brother Against Brother

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Heavenly Sword - Twing Twang

Heavenly Sword - Twing Twang