For the checkpoint of the same name, see Whiptail (Checkpoint).
Whiptail 2
Title: General
Status: Deceased
Killed by: Bohan
Gender: Female
Weapon of choice: Whip
First appearance: The Prison
Last appearance: Whiptail (Scene)
Game voice: Race Davies
Film voice: Renae Geerlings
Fellow sssissster, do you not understand what I am? I am what hides in the cold, dark waters of your mind!

– Whiptail

Whiptail is a major character and antagonist in Heavenly Sword.


Early Life

A high-ranking general in Bohan's army alongside Flying Fox, Whiptail is shown to have an affectionate, and perhaps sexual, relationship with King Bohan throughout the game. It is unknown how Whiptail came to be the half-human, half-snake creature she is featured as in Heavenly Sword, but it is possible she was either born as this phenomonen or modified her body to resemble that of a snake. It is also unknown how she came to meet Bohan or if he was responsible for her body, but it is apparent that the duo have known each other for a while by the time the events of Heavenly Sword take place, as she is a leader of substantial rank within Bohan's army.

Events of Heavenly Sword

Whiptail makes her first in-game appearance after the Chapter Two checkpoint The Prison, in which she is featured in a cutscene alongside fellow Generals Flying Fox and Roach as well as a captured Shen. She makes a point of insulting Flying Fox, calling it a "matter of opinion" when Flying Fox attempts to convince Bohan he isn't a fool following his bungled attempt to capture the Sword from Nariko. This prompts to Flying Fox to fire back at her, which leads to a full-scale argument in which Whiptail refers to the Fox as a "sss-sexless skull on a stick, with knives poking out of every orifice." 


Whiptail is shown to be arrogant of her abilities, constantly mocking Nariko during their battle and suggesting to Nariko that she leave her father, Shen, behind instead of battling her, to which Nariko pays no heed. Whiptail is also quick to anger, especially when someone insults her body, as Nariko does several times througout their encounter. She may have an affectionate side as well. This is displayed when Whiptail is left dying after the boss fight between her and Nariko, she speaks to Bohan using loving terms. Although this may be a result of her impending death.


Whiptail is shown to be a very capable fighter. She fights especially well in water, which is evident in Nariko's battle with her. Her attacks include a projected jet of water, which if successful, stuns the player and gives Whiptail enough time to the engage the player in close combat. The best way to avoid this is to roll horizontally away from the attack. Her arsenal also includes a large wave of water projected towards Nariko, although the player can combat this by using the Heavenly Sword's Range Attack to disperse the wave.


  • Whiptail is bald, as is revealed in concept art unlocked throughout the game. This may be the reason for the snake that adorns her head.
  • Whiptail may get her name from the whip-like lasso she uses while fighting the player.
  • In real life, a Whiptail is a type of lizard commonly found in the western United States, varying in color from black to orange to teal.
  • Whiptail, like every other boss Nariko battles in the game, is not killed by Nariko. Rather, it is King Bohan who ends her life by snapping her neck and then retrieving the Sword from her lifeless body.
    • However, Nariko does indeed kill her in the film.