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Whiptail is the ninth checkpoint featured in Chapter Two of Heavenly Sword

Whiptail (Scene)
Whiptail taunting Nariko before their battle.


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Nariko now proceeds to battle Whiptail after successfully fending off her personal guard in an ambush and persuading her father to escape Whiptail's lair.


This checkpoint, like every other Boss Battle, is divided into multiple segments, with the first two coming in this checkpoint. Whiptail has two attacks she uses; one is a large wave of water, the other a small, fast spurt of water. The wave can be countered by using the Heavenly Sword's Range Stance while the jet of water can easily be avoided by rolling out of its path. Whiptail is also rather agile, so using the Sword's Speed Stance would most likely work best in inflicting damage upon her. Once enough damage is done, a small cutscene detailing certain buttons to push ensues, similar to the battle with Flying Fox; successfully pressing these will cause Whiptail to lose a large amount of health. Do this three times and the checkpoint is complete.


  • The Boss Battle with Whiptail is the only one to have a different checkpoint separating the battle.


Previous Checkpoint: Bait and Trap

Next Checkpoint: Shen's Escape

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Heavenly Sword - Whiptail

Heavenly Sword - Whiptail